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Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. was established in December of 1958 to create hotels in Japan, catering to VIPs from around the world. The company opened its first hotel in Tokyo in 1962.

Okura's corporate philosophy is Best A.C.S. – Best Accommodation, Best Cuisine, and Best Service. Since its opening, Hotel Okura has been consistently providing the highest quality hospitality services, further enhanced by the unique characteristics, sensibility, traditions and culture of Japan.

Our consistent effort resulted in the Awards. Hotel Okura Tokyo, the flagship hotel of Hotel Okura was ranked as the number one by "Euro Money" in 1985, 2005, and made it into the top 5 several times. In addition, it ranked second in "Institutional Investor" twice during in 1980s.

From the beginning, Hotel Okura aimed to become a world-class hotel and attained that goal soon after its establishment; Hotel Okura gained recognition during the Tokyo Olympic Games and the first-ever General Meeting of International Monetary Fund (IMF) held in Asia.

Okura's Best A.C.S. Philosophy and its commitment to the concept of "Simplicity and Elegance" combined with traditional Japanese beauty earned high praise from guests all over the world. Never forgetting all the praise and compliments, Hotel Okura strives continuously to improve and evolve to respond to the expectations of our guests.

Okura Hotels & Resorts comprises 15 hotels in Japan and five around the world. While these hotels differ by location and character, the common thread running through them all is a dedication to providing the finest service possible.

Okura brings together a wide variety of accommodations, featuring the best in functionality, world-renowned gastronomic delights and cordial hospitality to ensure that our guests continue to enjoy the best.

In the proud tradition of service and elegance that exemplifies the Hotel Okura experience, we are proud to announce our newest property, opening soon in Bangkok.
Best Accommodation:
  An exclusive combination of efficient design and luxurious comfort
Best Cuisine:
  Okura's chefs rejoice in delighting guests with unparalleled culinary creations
Best Service:
Indulge with the highest level of hospitality to find true pleasure and peace of mind