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Developed from a philosophy of balancing innovative construction and the living quality of tenants. All eco driven building components and meticulous eco-friendly details will enhance working stamina that will allow the tenants to have inspiring and will power to reach their goals.
Sustainable Sites

Locate in prime CBD, with easy access, plus over 25% green area

Park Ventures is developed on a 5-rai plot of land previously sheltered rows of commercially run shop houses.

Conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok's central business district, in proximity to several international hotels, several major shopping complex, leading hospitals, and post office, banks, public transportation and expressway, where all of which are in walking distance or within 0.5 mile radius. Direct link to BTS Ploenchit station and public bus stop are at its door steps.

100% roof cover parking podium with roof garden on top floor. Plenty on site car parking spaces with dedicated area for low-emitting vehicles. Also provide bicycle parking racks and changing facilities by means to encourage the use of bicycle as alternative transportation to reduce pollution.

25% open space dedicated to the roof garden "Victor Gardens" and "Ventures Park" where the Park is now home to Norfolk Island Pine Trees
from Petchaboon province, a northern province of Thailand.

Water Efficiency

All fixtures installed in Park Ventures are water-efficient i.e
Install aerator to the sensor activated faucets
Install water-saving flushing valves on toilets
Install water-saving valves on urinals

Wastewater is treated and recycled for landscaping water and flush fixtures giving a total of 63% water reduction.

No potable water for landscaping and also reduce potable water use for sewage conveyance by 100%.

Energy and Atmosphere

Park Ventures installs energy-efficient fixtures and equipments where can save energy by 25%
Install Low-E coating glass for well-shaded and insulated facades
Install T5 tubes instead of T8 tubes at all office floors
Install natural light balancing sensor for maximum natural light utilization. The automatic dimmer will adjust illumination to prevailing natural light brightness.
Install highly efficient HVAC system that helps adjust and maintain the indoor temperatures and air flow to prevailing consumption.
Park Ventures implement energy-saving measures to assure efficient energy usage
Air conditioning in office floors is automatically turn off after office hours and provide upon request only for overtime staff
Lavatories are installed with motion sensor lighting
Lighting at public corridors and parking lots is dimmed down after 9 PM
Schedule different lighting scene at lobby and retail hall to prevailing natural light brightness

Materials and Resources

Implement recycling program and locally source our materials and resources

Provide separate bins in public area to separate recycle waste and also encourage our tenants and visitors to separate their trash before transfer to waste facilities. The waste is separate to combustible and non-combustible. The non-combustible waste are further separated non-toxic and toxic before being collected by Bangkok Metropolitan Authority.
Construction materials contain recycled components
Construction materials are from local resources
Most of the woods used in the interior decoration are FSC-certified to encourage sustainable forest management.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Park Ventures. Designated smoking zone are set up outdoor with clear signage and efficient ventilation.
The highly efficient HVAV system installed are also equipped with air flow sensors and CO2 sensors that automatically control the air circulation and maintain healthy indoor air quality, also supply more fresh air by 30% over regular standard
The HVAV system with external thermostat installed allows tenant to manually adjust their air conditioning temperature on specific area to their preference.
Doormats are placed at all lobby entrances to minimize air contamination from dirt and dust from foot traffic helping to maintain healthy indoor air quality.
Column free layout and large window allows optimum daylight and view of interior spaces.

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