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Low-E Coating Glass
Laminated and insulated three air filled layer glass. The glass is coated with low E coating that helps reduce ingress of sound, light and heat, contributing to further energy savings. Air-conditioners will consume less electricity, returning an overall thermal transfer value (OTTV) of 30 watts per square metre, 30 percent better than standard.
To ensure optimum quality and exact technical specifications for the special Low-E Coating Glass to be used throughout the project, Park Ventures has recently appointed YHS International Limited as its supplier of the laminate insulate produced by Viracon in the U.S.
The crystal grey glass, costing over 500 million baht and the first for Thailand, will help to reduce the effects of sound, light and heat, and contribute to further energy savings.
Natural Light Balancing Sensor
Automatic dimmer that adjusts illumination to level of prevailing brightness
Grey Water Reuse
Grey water reuse, in gardening for example, to preserve tap water.
CO2 Sensor
Indoor Air Quality Control System to reduce air pollution inside the building.
System Variable Air Volume (VAV)
VAV adjusting air conditioning temperatures to actual temperatures at specified area.
Building Automatic System (BAS)
Building automatic system, controlling and managing internal engineering system. It also monitors and controls energy consumption.
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